If you search for "Völgy utca 34/a" on the satellite map and zoom out a little, you can see that our location is an excellent meeting of nature and the proximity of the city. Through the forest entrance located 200 meters from the building, or starting at the end of Völgy street, you can explore the entire park forest of Buda area on foot, by bicycle, or by taking the Children's Railway. Our street is closed from cars in the middle, so only destination traffic enter to this part of it. The complete renovation of the track and surroundings of the tram running on our street has already begun, so quiet, comfortable, low-floor trams will be running soon on this line as well. The stop of the night bus is a few minutes walk away, on the main road. Our building is also easily accessible via a designated bicycle path, from Hűvösvölgyi Way, through Alsó-Völgy street.

By car, the traffic to the city, from the Hűvösvölgy junction (Stop Shop) inwards is moving steady, on two lanes, also during the morning peak period, and soon it branches off at several points, into the direction of Óbuda, Jánoshegy, and the city center.

Both the immediate and wider surroundings abound in excellent restaurants. In addition to a wide selection of - also international - educational and childcare institutions, there are comfortable opportunities for shopping and managing daily tasks.

In addition to the wooded, park environment, quite a few popular facilities offer opportunities for relaxation and sports in the area.

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