Technical description

Technical description

Foundation: Reinforced concrete slab foundation

Facade walls:

o basement level, staircase: 25 cm. thick monolithic reinforced concrete, at some places 15 cm. thick shuttering bricks,

o above ground level: 12 cm. thick CLT panels.

Internal load-bearing walls:

o 10-12 cm. thick CLT panels,

o at garage level 16 cm. thick monolithic reinforced concrete,

o elevator shaft: 16 cm. thick monolithic reinforced concrete.

Acoustic profiles (between CLT panels): Rothoblaas Piano, sized by weight.

Non-load-bearing partitions:

o 10-12 cm. thick plasterboard wall, with variable layer structure,

o basement partitions: 10 cm. thick aerated concrete masonry element (Ytong).

Front walls (on CLT panels, on one side): 16.5-20 cm. thick gypsum plasterboard walls with variable layer structure.

Covering of mechanical manholes: 2 layers of plasterboard, with impregnated covering, with inspection doors that can be closed in necessary places.

Closing slab: 16 cm. thick CLT.

Indoor stairs:

o in apartment B2: CLT stairs,

o in the stairwell: Monolithic reinforced concrete staircase.

Outdoor stairs:

o between the stairway and building B: concrete stairs made on site,

o for terraces: prefabricated block stairs.

Facade plaster: Baumit NanoporColor, self-cleaning plaster.

Facade inserts: compact sheet covering (pastel grey).

Interior plastering (moulded stone surfaces): Baumit Uniputz.

Internal finishing (plasterboard surfaces): 2 layers of smoothing, 3 layers of white, breathable, dispersion painting.

Warm coverings (living rooms, rooms): wooden parquet with edges of the same material.

Cold coverings:

o floor coverings (except living rooms, rooms): glued tiles (30x60 cm.), with edges of the same material,

o wall coverings (bathrooms, toilets): glued tile covering (30x60 cm.), 2.10 m. height, up to the eyebrows of doors, equipped with aluminum edge protectors on the positive edges,

o in the stairway: glued paving slabs (30x60 cm.), with edges of the same material,

o in the garage: industrial-quality, non-slip, glued floor tiles

Cover changers: Aluminum profile


o under and next to bathtubs and shower trays: applied waterproofing with corner reinforcement tape,

o for walls below ground level, for floors lying on the ground: insulation against soil moisture, glued by flame melting,

o on upper terraces: two-layer modified bitumen sheet waterproofing, above the sloping layer,

o on ground-level terraces, green roofs: root-resistant insulation, in 2 layers (1: cold self-adhesive elastomer bituminous sheet, 2: elastomer bitumen weldable sheet, with FLL root resistance).

Surface seepage:

o to protect the plinth insulation: installing DRAIN plate,

o on terraces: installation of a seepage plate as a water retention layer.

Internal substrate: cement screed, suitable for floor heating, minimum 60 mm. thickness, mechanical mixing, additives in maximum 4 mm. grain size.

Adhesion bridge of sockets (under outdoor screed): cement adhesion bridge, formed on a slope

Rainwater treatment: the rainwater collected from the roof and from the gutters is collected in the rainwater storage below the ground level located at the bottom of the site. The water generated on site is led to the rainwater collection system and sewer.

Thermal insulation of the closing slab:

o CLT roof panels: 20 cm. thick medium wool, between pallets

o on reinforced concrete slabs, below residential levels: 15 cm. thick stone wool glued, doweled,

o on reinforced concrete slabs and terraces: 20 cm. thick, closed-cell polystyrene foam, from above.

Thermal insulation of wreaths:

o for reinforced concrete slabs: 14 cm. extruded PS foam,

o For CLT panels: 15 cm. thick facade stone wool insulation.

Base heat insulation: 14 cm extruded PS foam.

Internal doors: retrofitted doors, with adjustable wooden case, full door panel with CPL surface, stainless steel handles, with plain or toilett lock.

Facade windows: 77 mm. profile thickness, wood-aluminum, longitudinally spliced, layer-glued design, with 3-layer glazing, outside (7004-FS) aluminum color, inside (WS01) natural wood color. For slide doors, an internal covering element is made in the same natural wood design.

Cornices: 2 cm. thick limestone ledge.

Roofing: Concrete roof tile (platinum color)

Roof insulation: vapor permeable film, glued at joints

Tin structures: coated aluminum plate, light gray (RAL 7005).

Linear waterproofing (from the surface of the terraces): patinated zinc sheet, fixed in a rail.

Rainwater drainage (on ground floor terraces): linear gutters, with galvanized steel grid, connected to the rainwater system.

Eaves, drains: sectioned eaves and drain pipes, in light gray color (RAL 7005).

Paving (sidewalks, driveways): concrete paving stones in 10% light gray, 90% dark gray (26x29.5x8.5 cm.).


o stairway: aluminum handrail on the inside, gray color, in 90 cm. hight,

o around balconies and terraces: Closed section (50x30x4 cm.) frame, vertical wand inserts (Ø: 6 mm.), fixed at 110 mm.-s, sintered surface.

Elevator: 8-passenger elevator, with level markings, on all levels.

Garage door: sectional, double-walled, upward-opening door, remote-controlled, motorized opening.

• Cooling-heating:

  • Mitsubishi City Multi PUHZ heat pump outdoor units, per apartment.
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-LN25VGV and SLZ-M50FA indoor units.
  • 120w/sq.m. electric floor heating in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Electric towel dryer in large bathroom.

Water heating (house central): Mitsubishi City Multi PUHZ DHW heating heat pump, with 1000 liter tank.

Ventilation: Fisher ERVXQ apartment central, room-by-room exhaust and supply.

• Building automation (smart home): Loxone Air, with basic functions: lighting switching, cooling-heating, shading, alarm, entry, car charging. It can be expanded as needed.

• Alarm: Paradox GSM relay alarm system, door-window opening detection, motion sensors.

• Intercom: Hikvision video intercom.

• Solar panel preparation: Led to the roof of the building per apartment.

• Car chargers: Mennekes Amtron Start, 1 per apartment, connected to the apartments own electric network.

• Sanitary ware:

  • Bathtub: H2O Mona,
  • Shower tray: H2O Nero,
  • Washbasin, w.c., bidet: Roca Debba

• Faucets: Hansgrohe.

• Electrical fittings: according to plan.

• Mechanical stops: according to plan.

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